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Fourth of July Celebration

General Naglee

Dear Neighbors please read below for news about Naglee Park's 2020 4th of July Parade!

Naglee Park Neighborhood Association/CCA Presents 4th of July (in a COVID world). With all the uncertainty these days, we have some great news to share about our treasured Naglee Park 4th of July celebration…

As it relates to the morning Fun Run, we will be reaching out this week to the folks who have led those activities in the past to see if there’s an innovative way to still hold safely modified versions of those events. The Bake Off will be postponed until 2021. Due to current Santa Clara County restrictions regarding organized mass gatherings, the neighborhood picnic cannot take place in the traditional sense. We encourage neighbors to still enjoy the spirit of the American BBQ in their front yards, backyards, and mini-block parties with their stable cohorts.

For the 44th time, the Naglee Park Neighborhood will celebrate our Independence and the Birth of Our Country with a great 4th of July Celebration.

Enjoy Photos from Past Naglee Park 4th of July Celebrartions by Clicking Here!

Schedule for July 4, 2020

8:00 am Registration for Race Meet at William St Park-See Below

8:30 am Race Begins at Willam St Park-Is On in a Social Distancing World

12:30 pm Assemble for Parade (Location to be Posted)

1:00 pm Parade Begins

2:00 pm Mini Neighborhood Block Party on Individual Blocks per Santa Clara County Health Guidelines for Covid 19

And now for the (CAR) PARADE…!!! Santa Clara County allows, “people to participate in car parades, so long as they ride in cars only with members of their households and do not leave the cars during the parade or stop to gather at a fixed location,” To comply with County restrictions, we ask that no one participates in the parade on foot, on bikes, on scooters, etc.

Participants MUST BE IN A CAR.
CCA will be extending the parade route, to allow for maximum observation areas while maintaining social distancing. Neighbors are encouraged to view the parade from their own front yards where possible, and/or maintain a social distance of 6’ when viewing from the

Join our Grand Marshall, Larry Snydal, Naglee Park's Poet Laureate as we parade around the neighborhood in our cars.

CAR PARADE UPDATE - Parade participants please enter S. 16th St from William and begin lining up along S. 16th St beginning at 12:30pm. Parade begins at 1pm (see attached parade route map).

-Participants must be in a car (no bikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc); and must stay INSIDE car for duration of parade (not in the bed of a truck).

-If at any time, parade participants are outside of vehicle (head out of window, moonroof, etc.) they must be wearing a mask.

-Convertibles are allowed to participate (and encouraged!) but riders in the vehicle must wear a mask for duration of parade.

-Obey all rules of the road, while driving between 5MPH to 15MPH.

-Participating vehicles should use hazard lights for duration of parade.

Parade Spectators are encouraged to watch from front yards where possible. If viewing from sidewalks, please practice social distancing and wear facial coverings. 

CAR PARADE CONTEST - This year we will be having a car decorating contest! The cars displaying BEST THEME, MOST SPIRITED, and MOST CREATIVE will each win $75 gift certificates to the Naglee Park Garage! For some car decorating inspiration, check out these fun ideas.


NEW BABIES CARS - We'd love to welcome all new babies to the neighborhood. If you'll have a baby in your vehicle who was born since the last 4th of July, please make a simple sign/banner for the outside of your car with the following information:


Parade Map

Download Parade Map Here!

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers! With the parade route being extended this year, we need more volunteers than ever before to help with traffic control! 
Please email ccafourth@nagleepark.org no later than June 26 th  if you are interested in helping with parade traffic control. After June 26th , the CCA will have to hire traffic control officers (for any remaining intersections not covered by volunteers) to ensure the safety of our neighbors.
CONTEST: This year we will be having a car decorating contest! The cars displaying BEST THEME, MOST SPIRITED, and MOST CREATIVE will each win $75 gift certificates to the Naglee Park Garage!

Water Balloons are not allowed!

The 4th of July Fun Run in a Social Distancing World!

The July 4th Fun Run tradition will continue!  But we will do it pandemic-style.

- The course is marked

- You run the course on your own at any time during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday, 4-5 July) and time yourself

- Send Alan Williams (alannwilliams@gmail.com) your results no later than midnight Sunday:

  -- Your name

  -- Email (include parents email if <18 years old)

  -- Gender

  -- Age

  -- Course you ran (1, 2, NQ5m (Not-Quite 5 mile))

  -- Your time

Course Information

- Course map and descriptions are attached

- One and Two mile courses are identical to prior years

- Trails are marked with white chalk arrows and text (look for it!!)

- NQ5 (Not Quite 5) mile course continues to live up to its name, but the route will be different.  As usual, it's for the more adventurous - but we will NOT be going under the bridge.  There's an electric golf cart chop shop there now and the race organizers have figured out a different - but similar route - look at the attached map

- 1 and 2 mile courses will start/finish at the same place in William Street park.  The 5 mile course will start at William Street park, but will finish at the Bagel shop.

- As with every year - we encourage the racers to buddy up to stay safe and not to get lost - especially the NQ5 mile runners

- NQ5m may be under or over 5 miles - we take no responsibility in claiming the race is exactly (or even nearly) a 5 mile course.

- You can submit strava/runkeeper/other links for verification if you want


- Once the fun run committee receives the results from the participants, we will run it through a rigorous algorithm and compare it against all your prior performances to ensure fair results.  :-)

- We will announce race winners for each category (age group/gender/course) within a few days

- Age groups are same as before: 0-12, 13-21, 22-35, 36-50, 51-64, 65+

  -- In the results, I will not put your age down, just the age bracket you ran in


Just in Case

- For those that didn't read this and just show up at the Fun Run site - the race committee will be at the start of the Fun Run course on Saturday (4th of July) from 7:30am-9am with maps and advice if you want to run then.  Please bring a mask and maintain social distancing.

Download your Fun Race Map Here



The CCA 4th of July Celebration is sponsored by the members of the Campus Community Association.

Neighbors wishing to donate to the CCA 4th of July fund to help fund our 2019 celebration (Donations are needed and appreciated) can send a check to:

Fourth of July Fund
P.O. Box 90038
San Jose, CA 95109

Please write 4th of July Fund on the check. The CCA is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. Donations to the CCA are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult with your tax advisor.

A special thanks to Many neighbors for sharing their photography of our event.