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Naglee Park Beautification Committee

The Naglee Park Beautification Committee is dedicated to improving and maintaining the beauty of Naglee Park's public spaces through the work of neighborhood volunteers. Meetings are held once a month, and business is conducted by email via a Yahoo! list. We organize Coffee in the Park, where neighbors and friends meet and chat over coffee and pastries each spring.

Funds for the Beautification Committee are provided through the CCA and donations. To donate to the Beautification Committee or specifically to one of our ongoing projects, make a check payable to CCA. In the Notes line, write Beautification and, if your donation is for a specific project, the project name. For example, Beautification, Trees. Send your check to:

P.O. Box 90038
San Jose, CA 95109-3038

Currently, the Beautification Committee manages several projects, which are described below. Volunteers are welcome.  To learn more about the Beautification Committee, contact Chairperson Susan Snydal, beautification@nagleepark.org. To volunteer or learn more about a project, contact the Project Coordinator.

New projects are welcome too! Identify a beautification project; outline activities, dates, and budget items; then present your plan to the Beautification Committee for discussion and approval.


Volunteers ensure timely reporting and monitor clean up of graffiti in the Naglee Park neighborhood and on nearby Coyote Creek bridges.

Anti-Graffiti Project Coordinator:  Marion Hatland graffiti@nagleepark.org


Volunteers cleanup litter on a continuing basis during the year throughout the Naglee Park neighborhood.

Anti-Litter Project Coordinator:  Nancie Yomtov litter@nagleepark.org

Freeway Ramps

The Freeway Ramps Committee works with the City of San Jose and transportation agencies to keep the freeway on and off ramps at 10th and 11th Street clean and attractive.

Freeway Ramps Coordinator: Susan Snydal ramps@nagleepark.org

Homeless Encampments

The Homeless Encampment Committee works with the City of San Jose to document and report homeless encampments within Naglee Park.

Homeless Encampments Coordinators: Jeremy Harris and David Combs encampments@nagleepark.org

Median Buddies

Median Buddies plant and maintain traffic-calming medians on a continuing basis throughout Naglee Park.

Median Buddies Project Coordinator: Bev Fitzwater medians@nagleepark.org

Street Trees

CCA uses Beautification funds to run a neighborhood street tree maintenance grant program in conjunction with a certified, commercial arborist company.

Street Trees Project Coordinator:  trees@nagleepark.org

Wildflower Garden

Using Beautification funds and volunteers, the Wildflower Garden Committee planted trees, bushes, perennials and wildflowers in the northwest corner of William Street Park. They weed, mulch, and water the planting throughout the year.

Wildflower Garden Project Coordinator: Peter Waite gardens@nagleepark.org